If you're the kind of business that just wants your computers to work and be trouble free, then we have the ideal solution for you!

Introducing the GEEKS PartnerONE™ Program, where we take care of your computer problems BEFORE they happen!


 " Investing in a proactive managed IT service will save you time, money and bring you peace of mind into the future, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business instead of worrying about the next virus attack or hardware-related downtime. Through the use of Standard Operating Procedures, we can also help your employees use their equipment and software more wisely and efficiently, and help educate them on the safe use of their workstations for overall business security. "  PartnerONE™ offers a full partnership and collaboration between GEEKS UNLIMITED™ and your business with the intent to help you shape your IT infrastructure into an efficient workflow environment while improving your employee’s efficiency, reducing downtime, and securing your data from both outside and inside threats!


Key Features:

  • Protection of Data – Your business lives in your data. Keeping it safe is priority one. Redundant hardware and reliable automated updates is key.
  • Standardization of hardware – Keeps your hardware current and always under warranty. The GEEKS 3-year leasing model is effective at greatly reducing maintenance costs.
  • Standard Operating Procedures – Employees use IT infrastructure through SOPs to reduce maintenance overhead.
  • Education – Putting the SOPs in place and having Employees follow them is one thing. Teaching them WHY they need to be in place is just as important.
  • Automation – Centralized automation through Active Directory and GEEKSentry reduces maintenance and improves “uptime”.
  • Automated regular Reporting – Overview of current infrastructure conditions provides top-down awareness of the current condition of your infrastructure.
  • Threat Assessment – Part of the regular reporting, Threat Assessment reports will be insightful for pinpointing any vulnerability in the devices on your network.

In any business, the IT department has to strike the right balance between delivering great service and managing the cost of doing so.

The PartnerONE™ platform can help:
  • Cut down on your software subscriptions by bringing everything into one dashboard.
  • Provide alerts about device outages, so you know when IT assets need to be updated.
  • Automate maintenance, which extends the life of your workstations and servers.
  • Do more with less: use our data-based insights to focus your energies where they will be most effective.
  • Protect Your Data and IT Assets with Complete Layered Security

Proactively Tackle IT Issues

IT issues can feel never-ending—for every ticket closed, it seems that several more open right away. But with enough foresight, you can prevent many of these issues from occurring in the first place. PartnerONE™ LOGIC integration analyzes real-world data from across millions of endpoints to generate collective intelligence that can help you make smarter decisions around your IT investments. The result? Our platform can note irregularities in your IT setup and provide data-driven actionable insights guiding you to better business decisions. PartnerONE™ LOGIC integration will point out:

  • Incomplete software installs
  • Software missing crucial security updates
  • Users with extremely high levels of quarantined threats

Maximize Uptime with Rapid Disaster Recovery and Email Continuity

PartnerONE™ Managed Services helps you maximize business uptime. Even after a major IT disaster, PartnerONE™ Backup & Disaster Recovery restores business systems in just minutes. And with the option of PartnerONE™ Mail and Mail Archive, your employees can always send and receive email—even if your primary on-premises or cloud-based email infrastructure fails.

Supports All Users across Windows, Mac, and Linux

Most IT Management suites focus on Windows with just a cursory nod to Mac, let alone Linux. That often means having to deploy separate systems to support different platforms – that means extra costs and operational inefficiency – both killers of profitability. PartnerONE™ is committed to providing cross-platform feature parity.

The Business Support Team at GEEKS UNLIMITED™ has been providing companies of all sizes with the strategic IT services for over a decade in Atlantic Canada. We proactively tackle IT issues protecting your data and IT Assets with complete layered security.

When you chose GEEKS UNLIMITED™ you gain access to the latest technologies, best practices and expert consultants with a wide range of IT skills – backed by best in class Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and great proactive support. Our managed services are based on an ITIL IT Service Management Framework that provides you with a clear, service-oriented and well-defined process that will help keep your business running ahead of the curve!






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